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Space-Saving HotCat Pipeline Heaters
are Efficient Freeze Protection for Pipelines
and Regulators

HotCat Spacesaver heaters are manufactured in five sizes, from 50,000 BTU to 150,000 BTU/hr,
with manual or automated controls.

They are ideal:

  • for Town Border Stations (TBS)
  • wherever precise, temperature control is needed
  • wherever space is at a premium!

Ultimate Freeze Protection for Pipelines and Downstream Regulators

HotCat pipeline heaters use multiple infrared heaters, each of which applies a precise amount of heat directly to the custom-engineered heat exchanger.  The pipeline heaters employ greater surface area by enlarging pipe diameter in the heat exchanger. This maximizes heat  transfer while slowing gas flow. The result is longest-possible retention time – and most efficient transfer of heat energy to the gas.

Space-Saving HotCat Pipeline Heaters Offer Manual or Automated Operation

Automated HotCat units provide computerized control over ramp-up, temperature and shut-down. HotCat integrates easily with PCs, PLCs, SCADA systems and networks.
To view the key differences between the automated and manual HotCat systems.

Like larger HotCat systems, small-space HotCat pipeline heaters can be installed close to equipment. Where water tube devices require 15’ of clearance outside the Division 1-2 perimeter, HotCat can be installed in Class 1, Division 2, Group D areas without restriction. 

Quick to Install, Quiet to Operate

Cut, flange, slide and bolt. That’s all you need for a successful installation! Set-up is quick, because the unit is ready to flange.

Did we also mention how quiet it is? No water tube means there's no noise!

End the “Glycol Haul!”

HotCat pipeline heaters are the lean, sensible alternative to glycol/ water bath devices, which present environmental, maintenance and safety issues. 

Industry’s Best Warranty

Everything is provided with the skid-mounted HotCat.  And everything is protected for a full
year. HotCat catalytic heaters are covered by a comprehensive two-year warranty.

HotCat pipeline heaters are custom manufactured for the installation, and are available in manual or fully automated models.

HotCat Application Questionaire

  NEW HotCat Spacesaver Pipeline Heater for Advanced Freeze Protection