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About Bruest

According to the EIA, more than 21 trillion cubic feet of dry natural gas is produced annually in the United States. This represents over 90 percent of total domestic consumption.

Natural gas utilities serve more than 71 million residential, commercial and industrial customers across the US, delivered through a 2.4 million-mile underground delivery system. Natural gas is America's energy. And throughout the US, and in more than a dozen other countries, the vital natural gas supply is protected by Bruest Catalytic Heaters.

Bruest is a vital link in the world energy complex. Our mission is to help companies take full advantage of all energy resources with safe, proven technologies that are both effective and efficient. Bruest has long been the industry's choice for systems that provide "wellhead to burner tip" protection from costly freeze-ups. Our customers include the largest distribution and transmission companies, power plants, cogen facilities and private sector industries; we also partner with leading engineering and construction firms to configure cost-effective gas system protection for greenfield projects and expansions.

For a half century, Bruest has provided flameless infrared catalytic heaters for high and low pressure pipeline applications ranging from city gates and LDC town border stations to drilling rigs, pharmaceutical manufacturers to rural electric co-ops.

Today, much of our work is with the important CNG sector, where Bruest's patent pending "letdown" technology offers substantial advantages in monitoring capability, and the ability to use freely in hazardous locations.

As always, our focus is high quality systems that outperform the competition in all aspects that are
important to customers: capital cost, ease and flexibility of use, operational expense, maintenance, and environmentals.

Bruest catalytic heaters were approved by Factory Mutual in 1965 and by the Canadian Gas Association in 1967 for use in Group D locations. Our infrared heater systems are easy to install and have a long track record protecting both everyday applications and highly complex gas systems.

Bruest catalytic heaters are engineered for decades of maintenance-free service. Many Bruest systems have been in continuous use for 25 years or more without requiring overhaul or repair.

The Bruest Catalytic Team is committed to continuous improvement in every facet of our work, from development and engineering through manufacturing and quality assurance. We are committed to meeting the evolving needs of the natural gas industry.

Virgil J. Macaluso
President, Bruest Catalytic Heaters

World Leader In Flameless Gas-Fired Catalytic Infrared Heating Equipment and IR Oven Systems for Industry.Flameless gas dryer / oven system is ideal for curing OSB, wood chips, feed, rice, grains, herbs, sludge de-watering, soil remediation, chemicals, and vitamin extraction.