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Bruest LD Series CNG Let Down Systems

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is rapidly becoming an alternative fuel source, replacing fuel oil, diesel, and LPG. CNG is normally delivered in pressured tankers at pressures of 3,600 PSIG or higher. Once the tanker arrives onsite, a CNG Decanter or CNG Pressure Reduction Station (PRS) must be used to let down the pressure.

Bruest LD series of CNG let-down or decompression systems includes multiple designs matched to expected flow volumes. All LD series let down systems include Bruest infrared catalytic heaters, single or dual regulators, and manual or automatic controls. 

LDS Series

  • Compact, portable design, weighing less than 100 pounds

  • Flow rate up to 3000 SCFH

  • Single, dual stage regulator minimizes setup

  • 12VDC voltage suitable for vehicle battery startup

  • Stainless steel design for installation outdoors

LDH Series

  • High volume application: up to 200,000 SCFH

  • Multiple designs, including skid mounted, trailer mounted, and container design to meet any application requirement

  • Decanting station options include integrated hoses with breakaway coupling, bypass system, and multiple supply tanker connection

  • Remote monitoring and control available via cellular or satellite communication options

  • No heat exchange medium (glycol) required, so chemical spill hazard is eliminated and transport between job sites is simplified

  • Customized control and regulation system
Click here to download the LD series CNG let down system brochure, or contact Bruest Sales Engineers to discuss your application.