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HotCat Benefits

  • Water baths can weigh 4X to 5X more than a HotCat of equivalent capacity.
  • Less foundation is required for HotCat.
  • Initial glycol fill-up is costly: $8-10 per gallon.
  • HotCat uses less real estate - a major, recurring taxation expense.
  • HotCat can be installed in Class 1, Division 2 Group D areas; water baths must be outside
    classified areas.
Conditions HotCat Water Bath
Foundation Weighs a fraction of what's needed for a
water bath
Heavy foundation support
Visibility Under 11 ft. Tall stacks required; problems
in residential areas
Ethylene Glycol Chemical Charge No costly chemical fill-up needed Initial fill-up charge, delivery charge, maintenance
Hazardous Area Locations Approved for Class1, Divisions 2,
Group D areas
Must be installed outside
classified area
  • Only heat to duty required
  • 4-16 zones
  • High turn-down ratio - 8:1 to 32:1, or more
  • Use only heat needed for operational conditions
  • Annual operating costs dramatically lower than water baths; no need to keep vessel fluid at 120°F minimum
Conditions HotCat Water Bath
Heat Transfer Efficiency 2 heat transfers 4 heat transfers required
Turn Down Ratio 8:1 to 32:1 2:1
Multiple Zone Control Yes - 4 to 16 zones No - "on" or "off"
Cost of Operation Uses only heat
necessary for conditions
Must keep solution at 120°F
to 180°F continuously

  • HotCat requires minimal maintenance; just change the fuel filter.
  • No moving parts
  • No corrosion
  • No tube bundle maintenance
  • No burner maintenance
  • No boil-off
Conditions HotCat Water Bath
Moving Parts No Yes
Burner Maintenance No Yes
Tube Bundle Maintenance No Yes
Corrosion No Yes
Annual Chemical Replenishment
to Compensate for Boil-off
No Yes
Annual Chemical Tests for Concentration and Corrosion No Yes

  • Virtually zero VOCs
  • Virtually zero NOx
  • Silent operation
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • No containment ring
  • No maintenance for chemical charge
  • No odor
  • No permitting necessary, except some states require
    permits for units 1,000,000 BTUH and above.
Conditions HotCat Water Bath
Permitting No* Required in virtually all areas
Noise No Yes - can disturb neighborhoods - and noise ordinances now protect thousands of incorporated and unincorporated areas in 31 states
Odor No Yes - continuous
VOCs, NOx No Yes - permit required
Ethylene Glycol, a Toxic Chemical No Yes
Containment Ring No Required in virtually all areas

* Some states require permitting for units over 1,000,000 BTUH.