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Bruest Catalytic Heaters, Division of Catalytic Industrial Group, Inc.
713 N. 20th Street, P.O. Box 827
Independence, KS 67301
Ph: 620.331.0750 - Fax: 620.331.3402





Bruest Provides Efficient Pipeline Heating,
Freeze Protection for Meters and Valves,
Portable Heaters for Equipment, and Area Heat

  • HotCat pipeline heating
  • Super Freez-Fiter pipeline heaters for high pressure cut, low flow applications
  • CNG Systems
  • Chokes
  • Valves
  • Meters
  • Orifice fittings
  • Regulators
  • Fuel gas heating for
  • Safe infrared radiant heat for people and equipment
  • Factory Mutual approved for Class 1-Division 2 –Group D
  • Ideal for remote areas
  • Adjustable: direct
    where heat is needed
  • Compressor buildings
  • Fire pump buildings
  • Meter houses
  • Personnel heating
  • Offshore platforms and other oilfield service
  • Hazardous location certified


Heaters are designed and orificed to operate on fuel inlet pressure of 3 1/2" W.C. for natural gas and 11" W.C. on L.P. (propane) gas.

FM approved heaters are approved by Factory Mutual Research for use in Class 1-Division 2-Group D locations, and are equipped with a thermocouple – safety shut-off valve – and steel junction box. Explosion proof junction box is optional at an additional charge.

Canadian Standards Association model heaters are approved for use in Class 1-Division 1-Division 2 Group D locations, and are equipped with a thermocouple - safety shut-off valve - explosion-proof junction box - appliance-type regulator (natural gas only) - and manual shut-off valve.

Standard heaters are for use in unclassified or non-hazardous areas.

Catalytic Heater Specifications: Standard, FM and CSA Stainless Steel Heaters