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New CNG Let-Down Systems are Suitable for Hazardous Locations, Emit Virtually Zero NOx

CNG Let-Down Systems for Hazardous Locations

September 10, 2014. Independence, KS. Bruest Catalytic Heaters, a Division of Catalytic Industrial Group, has introduced its patent-pending LD Series CNG Let Down systems. LD series Let Down systems combine Bruest's catalytic heater with proprietary controls technology to safely and effectively lower the pressure of the CNG to a range specified by the user.

Catalytic heating is far more environmentally friendly as a heat source, compared with alternative heating devices. Because there is no open flame, Bruest's catalytic heating systems can be used in hazardous locations, including Class I Division 1 and Division 2 rated locations. Furthermore, Bruest catalytic heaters emit virtually zero NOx, a significant component of greenhouse gas. Bruest catalytic heaters range from 2500 BTU input to 2,800,000 BTU, to accommodate any demand.

According to Corey Lowdon, Vice President of Engineering and co-patent applicant, "Bruest's LD series Let Down Systems are engineered for flow ranges of 100 SCFH (2.8 M3) to 200,000 SCFH (5,663 M3). Many applications are in remote locations, so systems are designed for remote monitoring and control."
Other features of the LD CNG Let Down system include:

    • Ability to handle multiple pressures simultaneously
    • Automated transfer between delivery vessels without operator intervention
    • No heat transfer fluid required, simplifying transportation and set-up
    • Simple temperature and pressure set-up for ease of use and maintenance in the field
    • Customization to each application

The smallest heaters are less than 100 pounds; larger units are stationary or trailer-mounted for
complete portability.

Virgil Macaluso, President of Bruest Catalytic Heaters, says "Expansions in proven natural gas reserves worldwide have created a large global market for compressed natural gas. While CNG stored is stored at pressures of 3000 PSIG or higher, the gas is used at pressures of 50PSIG or lower. That process of 'letting down' the gas from high to low pressure creates a significant Joule-Thomson 'throttling' in a hazardous environment. Bruest has 50 years of proven success in developing and manufacturing freeze protection systems for natural gas measurement and regulation equipment; today, we have introduced a technology that is ideally and specifically suited to the CNG market."

For more information on LD series CNG Let Down stations, contact Bruest Catalytic Heater Application Engineering at 620-331-0750 or

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The Bruest Headquarters Expansion is Complete!

Utilities and gas transmission companies worldwide increasingly favor safe, energy-efficient Bruest heating technology. Recently, we completed a major expansion – the 3rd in our history – that greatly increases our ability to respond quickly to customer needs, minimize lead times, and expand the scope of both our original R&D and testing programs.

The 6300 sq. ft. addition provides substantial added assembly areas for engineered systems, particularly HotCat pipeline heaters and Super Freez Fiter systems.