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Super Freez-Fiter Pipeline Heaters

Pipeline Heaters for High Pressure Cut, Low Flow Applications

Super Freez-Fiter pipeline heaters have the power, performance and pedigree of industry-leading
Bruest HotCat pipeline heaters.

Super Freez-Fiter:

  • Sources and conditions its own fuel

  • Provides direct heating, and maximum heat transfer efficiency. Only heat to duty required.

  • Can have 2, 4 or 6 flameless catalytic heaters, and one to three 21’ coils
    exposed to the heat, providing optimum dwell time for low-flow applications.

  • Monitors the heated gas outlet temperature

  • Modulates the fuel flow to minimize fuel consumption

  • These pipeline heaters are stand-alone, and self-contained.

  • Standard units are 28,000 BTU, 56,000 BTU and 86,000 BTU.